Weddings & Private events

Weddings, birthdays, christenings, family celebrations ...the Domaine de Sainte Colombe is the perfect place to celebrate life's major events deep in the countryside ! Perfectly suited to weddings, the facilities are complete, diverse and thoughtfully thought out.

- It's easy to hold one-night weddings for a few dozen people, as well as larger multi-day weddings with entertainment and accommodations for two or three hundred guests.
- Here are some figures that illustrate the many possibilities of the Domaine to organize parties :
- A forecourt of 750 m2 - A large panoramic room of 350 m2 plus terraces,
- One swimming pool deck of 450 m2 with pool house - A classified Chapel of the XII century of 100 m2,
- 2 kitchens / catering offices, 2 swimming pools, 2 giant teepees tents of 250m2,
- A car park of 400 cars, a base camp for teepees, 1 picnic corners,
- 3 hectares of meadows converted and adapted to bivouacs tipis up to 300 guests, with several cabins of courtesy (bathroom and sanitary)...

Solemn or convivial, secular or religious, the ceremonies are organized at the turn of a clearing, in the shade of tall pines, cuminant point of the field, in a meadow with horses, so many places that will leave a moving memory of this very special moment, when we say yes ...
To simplify the organization, the Domain offers technical equipment, chairs, tables, arches, sound equipment, stands, lights ...