« Eclesia Sanctae Colombae - 1119 ».

The 12th century saw the building of the monastery of Sainte Colombe on the road from Générac to Franquevaux, in a valley called " Valladas de Sainte Colombe " amidst a clump of trees, "a sort of oasis which serves as home to the Mas de Sainte Colombe." (1)
Originally used as a "small rural monastery", the chapel of Sainte Colombe, influenced by the Provençal Romanesque school, would in turn be used as a barn for hay and straw, a stable or again as a simple crossing point for pilgrims.
The Domaine de Sainte Colombe has survived the centuries and is now a haven of tranquillity for the delight of its visitors.

(1) Decree of December 6, 1949 approving the inscription of the Chapel of Sainte Colombe on the national list of historical monuments.